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Sustainable Living In St. Pete, Florida

Sustainable Living In St. Pete, Florida

Sustainable living in St. Pete is easier than you might think. Where you live has a big impact on how easily you can shop and live in an eco-friendly way, so we’re lucky to live in an area with both government and local businesses that understand the importance of living + operating as green as possible.

Low + Zero Waste Businesses

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There quite a few low and zero waste businesses in the St. Pete/Tampa area. You can get your sustainable coffee fix at Black Crow, make your whole life more eco friendly at one of our awesome zero waste stores, and shop for groceries with ease.

There are also plenty business owners who haven’t made the zero-waste commitment but are still aware of the importance of sustainability. They’re trying to improve their practices as much as the can. From banning straws to adding a small charge for “to go” cups, they’re taking small steps toward low/zero waste.

Instead of blaming less-than-perfect businesses for their flaws and mistakes, let’s appreciate what they’re doing and encourage them to do more. This kind of attitude will lead to more and more opportunities for sustainable living in St. Pete.

City Initiatives Encourage Sustainable Living In St. Pete

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St. Pete has definitely been ahead of the curve when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives. In 2008, St. Pete was the first in Florida to be designated as a “Green City” by the FGBC. In 2015, Mayor Kriseman created the Office of Sustainability and Resiliency.

The City was proud to join the Chicago Climate Charter in 2017 and seems to be working hard to address climate change through regulations that are truly effective, but don’t feel too disruptive, like the ban on single use straws city-wide and polystyrene on public property/city facilities.

On top of city-wide curbside recycling, St. Pete also offers a residential composting program! If you’re interested, click here to request your bin.

Recycling Programs

Where you live determines so much about how you can make recycling work for you. Each municipality has its own set of guidelines when it comes to what they will accept and how you can get it to them.

Click below for recycling guidelines + schedules for St. Pete and the surrounding municipalities that have a functional recycling program. If you don’t see your area, check this guide from Pinellas County to see how you can participate.

If you feel like your local government is not doing enough, you can also do your part by lobbying them to step it up! It’s hard to believe how many beachfront communities we have that don’t offer realistic recycling programs to residents.