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Five Easy Ways to Go Green Right Now

Five Easy Ways to Go Green Right Now

Are you interested in being more environmentally friendly, but not really sure where to start? You’re in the right place. In this post, I’ve laid out five super easy ways to go green right now. These are easy steps you can apply to your everyday life with little effort.

1: Reusable Shopping Bags

Think about the sheer volume of shopping bags you’ve used in your life. It’s kind of crazy. If you’re anything like me, you save them for the smaller garbage cans in your bedrooms/bathrooms. And that means you have them literally overflowing when you open the kitchen cabinet where they live, right?

Get your hands on a few canvas bags and try not to get any more plastic ones until your stash runs dry and you need them for those tiny garbage cans. You’ll be surprised how long you can last.

2: Just Say No


This is going to be much easier than the D.A.R.E. campaign of the 80s, because plastic is not fun or cool! **

Say no to extra stuff that you don’t want/need. When you’re only buying a few items, tell the clerk in advance that you don’t need a bag. You can also do this when getting takeout. If you’re taking the food home and using your own utensils, tell the person who takes your order that you don’t need to-go cutlery, napkins, etc.

3: Start Donating More Than Just Clothes

easy ways to go green

Donate old things that you don’t need anymore. This applies to shoes, clothes, bags, dishes, furniture, literally anything that isn’t garbage. Even if you think something is ugly or outdated, it might be a great fit for someone else.

When you donate, you’re contributing less garbage to a landfill. Plus, you’re helping someone less fortunate than you by making those items free or more affordable for them. Look up organizations in your area and choose one whose ideals align with yours. It’s an easy way to go green + help others while you’re at it.

4: Ditching Plastic Straws Is One of the Best Easy Ways to Go Green

This is because plastic straws do more than just end up in landfills. They make their way into our oceans and hurt animals, like sea turtles. So when you quit using plastic straws, you’re doing double duty. And it’s easy!

There are tons of legitimate health-related reasons for needing a straw. It’s also 100% OK to just like drinking with straws. If this applies to you, consider investing in reusable straws. There are options for everyone, from glass to metal to silicone.

I’m working on a review of different straws I’ve tried, and I’ll post it here when it’s ready 🙂

5: Start Recycling

easy ways to go green

Recycling can be very impactful and really isn’t that hard, especially if your local municipality offers a pickup service. If they do, call them and let them know you’d like to participate. They will drop a recycling bin off at your home and you can load it up each week. You don’t need a bag or anything – just get an extra garbage bin for your kitchen and put recyclables in there. when it’s full, you can empty it directly into your larger outside bin.

If your municipality doesn’t offer pickup, you can still recycle. You’ll just have to drop it off your self at a local designated site. Another thing you can do is contact your local officials to inform them that you’re interested in a pickup service. If there was ever a time to shoot your shot, this is it!

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**Just a little joke! We don’t support illegal drug use.

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