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Easy Eco Friendly Product Swaps

Easy Eco Friendly Product Swaps

One of the first steps in living a more sustainable lifestyle is making eco-friendly product swaps: changing out potentially harmful products you use for eco-friendly ones.

But where should you start? Right here! Read below for some easy eco-friendly product swaps you can make right now.

Wool Dryer Balls Are Better Than Dryer Sheets

Wool dryer balls are one of the best eco-friendly swaps I’ve implemented, because they actually solve some of the problems that traditional dryer sheets can’t.

Two major pain points in the laundry room are having to buy detergent & dryer sheets every few months and the time it takes to actually complete a load of laundry.

Wool dryer balls last around 1,000 loads – an average of 2.5 years depending on how often you wash laundry. That means you’re keeping 1,000 dryer sheets from ending up in a landfill while also saving a bunch of time + money.

Another advantage about using wool dryer balls is that they help your laundry dry faster! This means less time waiting on your clothes to dry and less money spent on your electric bill each month.

Shave Soap: One of My Favorite Eco Friendly Product Swaps

eco friendly product swaps

Shaving cream is one of those areas that I never got super into. I’ve never really had a go-to brand, or even kind of shave cream. I’ve never noticed a difference, so I’ve always just bought whatever was cheapest/on sale.

That’s why I was so surprised at how much I liked shave soap when I tried it for the first time. It foams up really easily and I feel like I get a closer, smoother shave with it.

The best thing about shave soap bars are how environmentally friendly they are. The canisters that traditional shaving cream comes in are terrible. Since they’re made up of of metal and plastic, they’re kind of impossible to recycle. Some brands of “shave mousse” come in recyclable plastic squeeze bottles. That’s definitely a step up, but still not great.

Shave soap bars, on the other hand, are sometimes completely package-free. Most of them come wrapped in recyclable paper at most. Also, you can easily find shave soap bars that are all-natural. This is a great green beauty category, because you don’t have to sacrifice anything to go green.

Ditch Plastic Wrap for Bee’s Wrap

Plastic wrap can sometimes feel like a necessary evil. It’s easy to use, a roll lasts for a while, and there just aren’t many alternatives out there. Until now.

Bee’s Wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap that happens to be a superior product in a few ways.

It creates the same kind of seal that plastic wrap does, plus it has antibacterial properties. This is because one of it’s four ingredients is jojoba oil. It’s also easier to wrap individual items, like cheese or veggies, that you would usually put in storage bag or container.

Bee’s wrap can be a little more expensive than your classic plastic wrap, but you can make a piece last for about year. Start small with one piece of bee’s wrap, and make it your goal to have a complete set by the time you run out of your current roll of plastic wrap.

The Travel Cup: Queen of Eco Friendly Product Swaps

eco friendly product swaps

All hail her multi-functional highness! A good travel cup can eliminate countless plastic/paper cups and bottles, all while making your life easier.

I don’t need to explain to you why carrying a travel cup is so environmentally friendly – depending on how often you buy drinks like coffee and water, you can accomplish so much with this one swap.

But my travel cup has also made my life way easier. I pour my morning coffee into my cup before work, and when it’s gone I fill it up with water. This ensures that I drink water all day long without ever having to buy a bottle. And when I do make it to the gym or yoga class, I already have my water bottle with me. It’s also gotten me several discounted cups of coffee! From WaWa to your local cafe, a ton of businesses offer discounts for bringing your own cup.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my posts on Five Easy Ways to Go Green Right Now and Sustainable Living.

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